Don’t Disturb This Groove: Teenage Girl Calls 911 After Feeling “Disrespected” When Hearing Her Mom Getting Her Backs Blown Out In The Other Room

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We kinda understand where the girl is coming from here, but calling 911 is a tad bit extreme:

A Florida teenager who called 911 last week asked police to place her in a Christian children’s shelter because she “heard her mother having sex.” Responding to a domestic disturbance call Thursday around 4 AM, a cop questioned the mother and daughter at their Panama City residence, according to a police report. The duo had been involved in a “verbal altercation,” a cop noted.

The girl, 15, told an officer that she wanted to go to a local shelter “because she heard her mother having sex” and “felt disrespected” by her 35-year-old parent’s actions. The teen acknowledged that “there was no form of abuse or neglect in the house.”

The mother explained to police that she had invited her boyfriend over and “sometime during the visit, her daughter heard them having sex and became upset.” The woman added that “their bedrooms are next to each other and she didn’t intend to wake her daughter up.”

After speaking with a representative from the shelter, the teen decided that she did not want to leave her home because “it was almost time for school.”

Do you think this girl was wrong for calling 911 on her momdukes??

How many of you parents have been caught “doing the do” by your kids???

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