Ever Wanted To Have Sex With Your iPad? Now You Can!

- By Bossip Staff

People are just incredibly disgusting. We’ll be quitting life right now.

Incredibly lonely and depressing people across he world now have something to look forward to. Fleshlight devices are makeshift vaginas for men to use to pleasure themselves. Let’s take a look at the official wording:

This conceptual design titled the FleshliPad Holder, melds the Fleshlight device to a rubber housing for the Apple iPad (or alternative tablet) allowing the consumer to interactively reach self-gratification with various pre-recorded multimedia (photograph, video or animation) designed specifically for the tablet-penis interface.

This product hasn’t hit stores yet as the “inventor” is trying to get it approved. Yes, this is incredibly weird. Would you even feel comfortable letting someone else use your iPad after you know you’ve been using it as a makeshift sex machine when you’re by yourself? Men will find a way to stick their members in anything these days. SMH.

Pic via Filmdrunk

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