Hi Hater: Herman “Touch Caucasian Cakes” Cain Represents Tea Party & Criticizes Barack’s State Of The Union Address [Video]

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Hatin’ a$$ Herman Cain had some choice words for Barack Obama and his State of the Union Address. Let the hate begin:

Herman Cain called for President Barack Obama to “stop the blame game” and said Washington needs “common-sense solutions” to fix the economy in his response to the State of the Union address Tuesday night. The former GOP presidential contender and pizza executive rejected Obama’s “well-scripted rhetoric” in the second Tea Party Express speech delivered following the State of the Union. The speech was streamed live on the tea-party group’s website and and offered a different take than the official rebuttal delivered by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. “With all due respect to the president, some of us are not stupid,” Cain said. “The state of the union is not good. We want common-sense solutions. That’s how we do it outside of Washington, and we happen to believe we need more common-sense solutions inside of Washington.”

Cain criticized the president’s address as “a hodgepodge of little ideas.” Cain also assumed the mantle of the tea-party movement as he seeks to build a movement for his ideas outside of electoral politics. He has not endorsed a specific candidate in the race, fearing that would alienate supporters, instead backing “the people.”
“We the people are coming,” he said. “That’s the tea party message to Washington, the president and his administration. We the people are coming and we know that we are up against Goliath. But this is why the tea-party movement will become not a single David trying to slay Goliath — we will be an army of Davids. The tea party movement is alive and well. And contrary to what media elites and the establishment want you to believe, it’s going to continue to define the political landscape.”

Cain pointedly told Obama to “stop the class warfare” and asked him to “discourage your surrogates from making racial innuendoes.” “Mr. President, most of all, stop the blame game,” he said. Cain took several questions at the end of his address, focusing on the 2012 campaign and Stephen Colbert’s endorsement of his candidacy during the comedian’s mock presidential bid in South Carolina. Cain said Newt Gingrich has some “ifs” he needs to work out as a presidential candidate, such as some things in his congressional record, but that both Mitt Romney and Gingrich are “outstanding candidates.” Cain added that he plans to work more with Colbert in the future to encourage the youth vote.

Thoughts on Big Daddy Cain’s comments??

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