Ho Sit Down: French Magazine Says Obamas Are First Ever Fashionable African-Americans

- By Bossip Staff

Those French can say the most racist isht sometimes.

Writing about the first family on the magazine’s site, Nathalie Dolivo claims that the Obamas are the catalyst for a ‘black fashion renaissance’. She suggests that America’s first black president has finally given the black community a ‘chic’ option other than ‘streetwear codes’.

She writes: ‘Michelle Obama sets the tone, focusing on cutting-edge brands … revisiting the wardrobe of Jackie O in a jazzy way.’

She believes black fashion in 2012 comprises a ‘black-geoisie’, a formula of fashion-forward black dressing that mixes ‘white codes’ – whatever they may be – with touches of African heritage, such as shells and ‘boubous’ (West African robes).

‘There is always a classic twist, with a bourgeois ethnic reference (a batik-printed turban/robe, a shell necklace, a créole de rappeur) that recalls the roots’ the writer notes, as translated by the Daily News.

Man, it’s like people just feel like they can say the most racist mess they want and nothing will happen. The article has since been removed but these things live in infamy on the Internet. We see and hear it all. These idiots need to never write again.


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