Head Of The Class: Nevada Special Ed Teacher Only Sentenced 60 Days For Giving Brains To 6 Of Her Students And Letting 1 Chop Her Down!!

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Cry us a river beyotch!!

A special education teacher who admitted having sex with a 17-year-old student and oral sex with six other teens has been jailed in Nevada.

Bethyl Shepherd was told she must serve 60 days behind bars Thursday – despite pleas from the Reno victims’ parents that she be spared the time.

Even prosecutors said they did not want the 35-year-old mother of two jailed after it was revealed bi-polar disorder could have fuelled her sexual misconduct.

But rejecting a plea for probation, a judge said she must serve at least 60 days with the remainder of her 19 month to four year sentence suspended.

Shepherd was also told she can never be around minors, apart from her children, and not allowed to drink alcohol during her five years of probation.

The court heard that Shepherd’s life has crumbled since she was arrested for having sex with a teen from Reed High School.

She is being divorced by her husband, has been disowned by her children and is unemployable as a teacher.

Aw, poor thang…*side-eye*

Judge David Hardy would not hear pleas to suspend Shepherd’s sentence, and here’s why:

“You once belonged to a noble profession. We entrust our children to our teachers to protect them for today, and prepare them for tomorrow. You violated that public trust and brought shame upon yourself.”

There must be something in the water around this school that turns people into perverts because…

Just one month before Shepherd’s arrest a special education teacher’s aid from the same school was arrested and jailed for under-age sex herself with a student.

In July Marie L. Fisher, 21, was given a suspended sentence and five years probation for having sex with a 15-year-old.

She said her attention deficit disorder was a factor to her crime.

These nasty hoes got more “medical” excuses than a lil’ bit! What the hell does, ADD or bipolar disorder have to do with you sucking off underaged retar-…”special needs” children?!?!

Here is a seat, ho…SMH


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