Lil’ Mo Back in the Studio

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Posted by Bossip Staff

It appears Lil’ Mo will be back sooner than later:

R&B singer Lil Mo, who rose to game in 2000 thanks to Ja Rule’s hit single “Put It On Me,” recently landed a new record deal with Global Music Group, where she plans to release two albums.

Details about her first release through the label were not released at press time, but her as-yet-titled album is expected in 2009.

“We are honored to have Lil Mo as the newest member of our family here at GMG.” said Roland Turner, CEO of Global Music Group.

Mo’s hit single “Superwoman Pt. II,” from her debut album Based on a True Story, quickly became a chart topper, helping push her album to gold sales. She went on to release three more albums, but none were as successful as her first.

If GMG doesn’t dish out stacks for a dream team to produce this album, we don’t even want to think about what those album sales are going to look like.


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  • CC


  • CC

    Second and Third! 😦

  • mzsweetface

    Just curious, what other artist are on this label? Can’t wait to hear the new CD, she’s a decent songwriter and I love her voice.

  • Joey Bishop

    PFFT! what comeback? she never was hot

  • Vee-TGIF/Yes We Did!

    Morning Folks! I like Lil Mo’s voice. Her personality seems goofy based on interviews I’ve seen: but otherwise I hope she puts out some good songs.

  • Joey Bishop

    mornin Vee!

  • liyah

    dat dont even look lik lil mo in dat pic, but i cant wait for her CD to come out.

  • G Money

    Yeah! I Like Lil Mo I hope she prodcue sumn good.

  • Nikko

    Girl, please sit your tired a*s down. Nobody cared then and we certainly don’t care now.

  • Oshie is a cracker ass cracker

    No thanks.

  • Baby girl

    Lil’ anxious to see what she puts out not saying she is going to be such a big change in the game….might add a lil flava then she’ll be gone as quick as she came

  • BeReal

    I love Lil Mos voice and I hope she gets some good songs

    Good Morning eerbody!

  • Lady elle

    SHE needs to be back on the scene the woman can SING!!

  • Baby girl

    wtf* yall just changed the picture..and honestly wth! lil mo has tattoos under eyes…im shocked who in their right mind who do that! I got me some tats to but under my eyes all over her arms looking like her kid drew all over her! DAMMMNNN LIL MO!

  • Baby girl

    thats what i be saying….she is lil the girl verison of wayne…..LMAO!

  • Wakeupeople

    Tattoos are AWFUL! Why do women enjoy marking their bodies, it looks nasty!

  • Charlotte NC

    Not really checking for her. She has a good voice when she is not over doing it. Those are not tattoos under her eyes those are eyelashes.

  • chaka1

    Ya’ll got this. I will skip this ish when it comes out. No thanks…

  • chaka1

    and those titty tats and all the crap on her arms are just gross…

  • shar

    **Breaking News***Amy Crackhouse wants her tattoos back!

  • Raquel26

    She looked washed up too.

  • Raquel26

    And mostly hoodrats get tattoos all over their body like that. Its ugly and unflattering. But then again, she probably wants a “hood boy”…LMAO!

  • Baby girl

    @ charlotte nc they look like tattoos to me under her eyes so im sticking to that assumption, and as for the other tats their still gross and im not saying i dont like tats I got 4 but u just need to know where to place them TASTEFULLY!

  • mz. sumthin

    Am I the only one who find her excessive tattoos to be quite disgusting and ghetto!!!!

  • hmpf

    Cosign Mz. sumthin.

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