Who Looked More Bangin’??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

A host of celebs including Alicia Keys and Michelle Williams hit up the 5th Annual Black Ball in NY. We already gave the nod to Michelle on this one, but we must know: Which One Looked More Bangin’?

More pics from the event below including a good shot of King Latifah.

A few more when you…

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  • Prophecy

    Alicia of course. First Biiatches!!!!

  • PREGG0 |7 M0RE WEEkz T0 G0|





    Alicia looks Old as Hech in the face, not a good look. Everybody else looks nice…where’s the pic of Swizz beats? He was there.

  • Oshie is a cracker ass cracker

    Alicia looking kind of strange…. 😕

  • ATXChick

    They wrong for saying KING Latifah


    The competition should have been between Tyra and Iman or even Zoe cause Alicia nor Michelle is competition today…but if i had to pick, for once in her life, Michelle got it.



    Where was this event at?

    Is in not November?

    Why are folks still wearing sandals?

    Ill say A.K…so glad she doesnt rock the briads anymore….


    Alicia looks cool…..Michelle is looking a bit skinnty ( she’s always been petite..but not that DAmn petite)

  • Joey Bishop

    mmmmmm gimmie tyra!…zoe look like she just rose from the dead

  • mzsweetface

    I didn’t even realize that was Alicia. She’s beautiful but that was a bad pic.


    lmao@King Latifah….that sounds accurate!



  • Nikko

    King Latifah is an embarrassment to herself AND Jenny Craig. She’s the only spokesperson for JC who has never lost any weight.

    You would think that having her “trainer” with her 24 hours a day would result in some kind of weight loss, but all she’s been doing is wearing girdles to hold in her rolls, but I can see from the rest of her build that she hasn’t lost a damn thing.

  • liyah

    alicia looks betta, her outfit is fierce. michelle’s necklace kinda ruined her look

  • roe ski love

    Tyra making it rain on all of them.

  • Nikko

    Alicia can wear as much makeup as she wants, but it’s just a matter of time before she comes out the closet.

    That makeup and that whole get up she’s wearing looks a mess.

    Michelle’s dress is nice, but she just needs to eat.

  • http://twitter.com/L8DYB L8DY B

    Tyra looks great thic! her bodt is sitting nice! Iman looks gergous!

    But I feel you Nikki, it don’t matter if they were in Hawaii! It’s still November n they need to put the sandals down!

  • FallinPoet(I'm Yours...)

    SERIOUSLY, why the hell does alicia look weird??? something just aint right, but michelle looks anorexic as hell and those black gloves aint working… NEITHER… ugh

  • Nikko

    Iman looks like an Egyptian Goddess.

  • BeReal

    Neither..I am going with Tyra she is killing that red dress

  • IT FRIDAY AND I AM FEELING DEELICIOUS!!!!!! oh lawdy, please somebody stop me!!!

    mornimg yall

  • closetcolumnist

    I don’t like either Alicia or Michelle’s dresses (although Alicia’s hair is on point), but Iman and Tyra are definitely stuntin on all them heffas.

  • FallinPoet(I'm Yours...)

    hey BE & Lawdy… you guys finally settled down from yesterdays craziness?

  • ITs FRIDAY AND I AM FEELING DEELICIOUS!!!!!! oh lawdy, please somebody stop me!!!

    hey oshie!!! where were you yesterday mama!!!

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