Dramatel: To Cheat or Catch a Cheater

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Make no mistake about it, this is a real commercial. This device will either be a cheater’s best friend, or worst enemy. We called to verify the authenticity, and it is real….triflin’ as hell, but real.

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  • bmoredon



  • Tameka

    I saw that commercial while watching Cheaters on TV.

  • Baby girl

    Gosh if you gotta go out and buy one of these u got issues!


    Say what?

  • Raquel26

    And I’m getting me one of those bad boys!!!

    Yeah, yeah…its simple to say if you have to go through all that you dont need to be with them. Pretty cliche, but definitely true.

    BUT….it delights me to see that this “calling card” can do just what you need when (or if) the situation arises. Hey….we all know that men would get busted WAY MORE than women. Dont be scurred ya’ll…..but then again, this will help people up their game.

    Hmmmm, a catch 22.

  • circa-81

    That is just f%cking stupid.

  • Baby girl

    LMAO @Raquel26…..i feel u

  • Damn Shame

    I saw this and thought to myself, this is a damn shame!! Using higher technology to not get caught cheating!!

    When the unwanted baby and/or disease come, where the hell you gone hide then???



  • Doagae

    this is crazy…..

  • missunderstood

    Late… these are called “SPOOF” cards, and have been available for years. They DO work to catch liars, and some allow you to change your voice as well… lol!

  • BlahBlah

    Too funny. If ya SO is dodging your calls like that, then start calling someone else.

  • Baby Hur

    I agree!

  • alexandra

    that is toooo funny… i’m getting one..lol


    Only insecure people would have to resort to this childish nonsense.If you’re thinking of buying something like this,you shouldn’t even be with the person in the first place.

  • Son of a Gun

    Goddam!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant even cheat now… come take me lord please

  • Tommy


  • nika

    I know someone that uses that card. You are also able to change your voice. As far as I’m concerned, you dont to be in the relationship if you have to take it this far..

  • http://myspace.com/wyfy WyzePro -

    how about not using a cell phone dummy

  • ~Ms. B~

    That commercial is on every time cheaters is on.

  • ebGCH

    So what happens if yall both using it?

    Would yall’s head just explode in confusion??…

  • Negrita Tan Rica

    Wow…is it really that serious? If I even have doubts about my papi then we’re done…I can’t imagine having to go through all that. The people that use those are going to be upset at the truth anyways so why even put yourself through that?

  • chaka1

    I needed this about a year ago.

  • Its the Foosa

    I bet that was created by a woman.

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