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Keyshia Cole’s reality show has broken records according to Livesteez:

The third season debut of BET’s original series “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” has just become the network’s most watched original series season premiere telecast of all time.

A total of 1.4 million households and 1.94 million viewers tuned in on Tuesday night (Nov. 11), giving the show’s season debut a 1.54 coverage rating, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The premiere posted a 10% increase in viewing among households compared to last year’s premiere, maintaining the series’ consistent year-to-year household growth with each season premiere (1.18 million and 1.24 million households for season one and two, respectively).

Additionally, episode two of “Keyshia Cole” aired immediately after the premiere and built on those strong lead-in numbers, scoring a 1.67 coverage rating and drawing 1.5 million households and 2.0 million viewers. Episode two of season three now stands as BET’s No. 1 original series telecast so far this year, according to

We love to the see the organized drama that is Keyshia Cole’s life, including her mom and sister acting a donkey. We take it ya’ll liked it as well. And if that wasn’t enough, her new album is due out on Dec. 16th. The album cover is certainly interesting, doesn’t look much like our girl Keysh at all…

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    bullshyts popular this season i c…..

  • Acacia

    Gone ‘head Keyshia. Do your thang!!!!

  • Baby girl

    I done been told ya’ll I love Ms. Keyshia Cole and she did her thang on that episode. I just feel sorry for her despite the fact she has matured drastically still seems like her family is pulling her down. Like everyone when ppl see u doing good they wanna hinder you. and its not even on purpose allt he time they just do. Anyway nonethless Keyshia is doing it and doing it and doing it WELL

  • Tina

    Go Keyshia!!

  • TheMan

    the show is a success because of Frankie and Neffie.


    her attitude got better

  • Allison Mae

    love the hairstyle on her!!!

  • HP

    I watched I can see where Keyshia is growing but her family is her downfall. I have some ghetto ahem they live in the country so they are some country fools. Whom, I would not go anywhere with in public cause they don’t know how to act. Keyshia’s fam is just hood and maybe they keep it a little too real.

  • Vee-TGIF/Yes We Did!

    Morning Peeps! I admit that I do watch Keyshia Cole’s show. We’re all entitled to one or two guilty pleasures. Besides, unlike Flavor Flav’s old fugly ass and New York’s grossly ig’nant ass, Keyshia Cole is at least trying to help her hood-fab family out. I respect her for working so hard to help them, despite how rude and ghetto they are. Because if my mother acted like hers, she’d NEVER go out in public with me. Hells NO!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    I watched this show for the first and last time ever, Ive met Keyshia’s mother and sister and they are every bit as ghetto as portrayed on that show. I dont feel sorry for them, I feel sorry for the next door neighbors, you dont work your ass off to buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood and wanna come home to that “hood’ sh*t. and whats up with the different f*cked up weaves every 5 minutes?

  • Lacombe Redbone (You So Krazy!!)

    Oh My GOOdness! Why does she always have the dick look everytime she time a picture???

  • Lacombe Redbone (You So Krazy!!)


  • Its6amHoGetOut

    If that was my mother I wouldnt care about her at all, that sh*ts too ridiculous.

  • D@ Pop3


  • Julips (Enjoy it all!)

    I love Keyshia’s look, music and demeanor. She has to be given credit for hanging with her sister and Frankie, for a long longer then celebs do. I laughed at her sister who told people that she was a home owner every chance she got. Hell, she did not work for or earn anything! It was given to her! Frankie is just an untreated addict who exhibits addict behavior and it will not stop until she gets back into recovery.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    @ Julips, post bigger brown titties!

  • L'Osh ("Don't H8 me Becuz I'm Beautiful - h8 me beCause u can't have none") B'gosh I have hairy legs

    I’m going on an airbrush-breaking rampage and destroying all the photoshops along the way! Who’s coming with me!!!

  • L'Osh ("Don't H8 me Becuz I'm Beautiful - h8 me beCause u can't have none") B'gosh I have hairy legs


    @ Julips, post bigger brown titties!



  • Lamont Johnson

    Keisha you look and sound great and have a great career ahead of you…but your fam is embarassing,just like your accountant told you last season,you have helped them enough…they will be the end of your finances.

  • Mariposa Negra

    They are so LOUD!!! If you watch that you have squint because they are so LOUD!!

  • mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    julips…. ilove u too baby! plus i love the way u told that troll Z off!

  • lala#1

    WOW!! this is the first time, I have seen her on this site where she looks fabulous!!

    I tried to watch the show but her mom is just too much for me.. I can’t be bothered w/ that foolishness.

  • Deano

    These chicks need to slow down with these tats…YIKESSSSSS

  • amber b

    I love ms K cole she is fabulous and a hella real but you right that frankie is a trip why is she rockin coogi and jordans shes to damn old.neffie is still hood but i think she is starting to get the hint.oh and i love k coles new teeth if you didnt know what changed her look.

  • shesofine

    @ athena

    Too funny! This guy once said that my friends and I were “hood classy” and I loved it. Cuz I’m straight outta Locash but you wouldn’t be able to tell it unless tou piss me off! 🙂

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