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[] John Lennon Inspired Round Framed Shades Summer isn’t the only time the sun shines! Sunglasses are a year-round accessory, especially for StyleBlazers who travel the globe catching all seasons, all the time. Take a page from Bey, Zoe and Sienna—a page they borrowed from music legend, John Lennon—and throw on some shades in a retro round frame.(Read)

[] Man Binds Daughter’s Feet, Hands and Mouth with Tape for Disobedience, Makes Bail Andre Curry was recently released from jail after binding his daughter’s feet, hands and mouth with blue tape. He posted the picture of his daughter restrained with the tape on Facebook, which caused his arrest. The picture’s caption read, “This is wut happens when [my child] hits me back.” Curry is now getting parenting counseling.(Watch)

[] Sexual Health Myths Even Adults Believe You use condoms. You sleep with guys who run in the same social circle as you, so you know who they have slept with. You think you’re being safe. You think you fear what you should fear, and are taking all the right precautions. But, sadly, there are a lot of myths that somehow survived through high school, through college and even into adulthood about sexual health.(Read)

[] Big K.R.I.T. Finally Finishes ‘4evaNaDay’ Project It’s officially time for some more “Country Sh*t” as Big K.R.I.T. announced via Twitter yesterday (January 29) that he’s finally finished with his 4evaNaDay project.
K.R.I.T. will be dropping his latest independent album on February 20th which I’m sure is gone be the truth but what about the Def Jam debut, Live From The Underground, which the worls is really waiting for? He’s already proved what he can do by himself so now its time for Def Jam to step up.(Read)

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