When The Checks Stop Coming In

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Although Bossip exclusively chopped it up with Damon Dash late last year and he denied rumors that his checks stopped coming in, sh*t has reportedly hit the fan:

A bank wants his Tribeca condos, the city is seizing his SUV and his lawyer dropped him for not paying his legal bills. The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear – who in 2005 sold his share in the clothing empire to Jay-Z for $20 million – is under assault in Manhattan Supreme Court from lawyers, lenders and landlords fed up with not getting paid. The fall has been a dizzying one for Dash, who has gone from owning Keds, a vodka company and 1,300 pairs of shoes to dodging bills and accusing a former accountant of ripping him off for millions of dollars. “I’ve worked with musicians, artists and entertainers that in the eyes of the media are very wealthy,” said lawyer Jason Gabbard, who represented a fashion firm that settled a suit against Dash and his wife over $148,505 in unpaid fees. “But to borrow a phrase from my Kentucky homeland, they haven’t got a pot to p— in – they’re broke.” A Manhattan judge this week ordered the city to seize Dash’s Chevrolet Tahoe, since he wasn’t making the $714.99 monthly payment on the leased SUV.

Ever since the Camel break-up, the checks have not been coming in for poor little Dame. It may be about time to get a “regular” job again, and quit playing rap mogul with no rappers.

Pop the hood and get a gander at broke @ss Dame with a jumpoff, Valeisha Butterfield, and his daughter Ava, at the Jim Jones bufoonery.


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  • Baby girl

    Im so not interested in this topic yawn* second or third!

  • Joey Bishop





    How does one put up an avi on this website?

  • BG

    this dude is a sucka

  • Sawyer

    Talk about falling on hard times. I guess when it rains it pours for you brother. The question I have is how is it possible to have been in the position you were in and make no connections or have any business savvy to make moves without Jay z?! Give me 20 million and watch me triple that in less than 2 years.

    Forget a regular job, go back to school!


    This is a shame really.


    Jay-Z nor Dame have been hot since the fall of the rock

  • circa-81

    Damn…Dame must’ve had some terrible spending habits. Before Jay and Dame parted way’s Damon Dash had the front page of the art’s section of the Washington Post because of his 500,000,000 dollars of revenue that Rocafella made in like ’02 or 03′ the year before they sold the company. My dates are most likely off a bit though. But, still 500,000,000.00 and now you don’t have sh!t!!???? WOW!

  • G Money

    PURPPLE must be on crack! Jay Z not HOT! Whateva!

  • roe ski love

    How in the hell do you have $20 million and be broke withen 5 years. Remember his show So you want to be a hustler? Well, he lost.

  • Obama Woman

    Damon is a mess, and an eyesore


    Can anyone direct me to my profile or how to put up an avatar? Are we allowed to post site links on here?

  • Jaydah & Chase's mom

    If I can recall, Dame and Jay started to fall apart when he put Cam’ron as President or something at Roc a fella without consulting with him first and he did it when Jay was on vacation. Also, I read that Jay really cut ties with Dame and from the response was hurt when he did that video with Cam’rom with Jay Jay, I can’t remember the name.

    I guess Dame didn’t make Jigga – Jigga made him.


    G Money your mothers on crack..thats my opinion..keep it movin…


    @Hih Life

    Thanks for the reply. I know how to make an avatar/gravatar. I was wondering how does one put it up on this site? Is there a profile link to add our information?

  • Chok lick Chip Brutha

    I luv chocolate bruthas. Damon How u doin! Call me 210-519-1984.

  • Really Required

    That is Valeisha Butterfield from WEEN, is that really his jumpoff?

  • billygordon


  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Dame aint broke, he just aint payin’ anybody so it looks like he’s broke in the eyes of the courts. All those lawsuits I’d do the same thing.

  • SimplePleasures

    If I’m not mistaken, I once read that his wife is a very wealthy and successful clothes designer.

  • !C@LL!TL!K3!S33!T

    Damn he do look like Jermaine Dupri!!! But oh how the mighty have fallen! God don’t like ugly.

  • Dakota Brown

    If you didn’t know how to manage money before you become rich/wealthy, you don’t after. Oprah checks her own money. Don’t pay anyone to manage your own $$$$, an hour a day is all it takes.

  • Monie

    What the heck did Aaliyah see in this idiot?!

  • MissBlaze43

    Yes, yes… I was read about this on the train coming in to work this morning.

    But ya’ll know how it go, Pay back is a Biatch!

    After watching how the Wu Tang special on BET last night and seeying how Dame Dash signed ODB to a contract straight out of jail and not giving the brother no time to heal and get his mind and body back right again, you can see the desperation in Damon Dash then.

    That was a down-low, gutter move I think on Dame’s part and what goes around, comes right back around to you and he’s catchin’ hell for it right now from all over.

    I see why Jay-Z wanted to distance himself from Dame. Damon Dash obviously wasn’t the ‘thinker’ of the duo.

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