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Here is Rih-Rih and her little flat back performing in Singapore. Awww, look at her little “donk.”

Peep some more of her and little Breezy when you…

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  • Oshie is a cracker ass cracker

    Go on and rep for the whitegirl booty Ri Ri!

  • G Money

    I Love me some Ri Ri, but DAMN I sick of her looking at her little ass!

  • Baby girl

    is it me or is hair in need of of a lil freshing up looking a bit parched there…lusters pink oil to the rescueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Talley-B

    yeah, she suffers from an acute case of Noassatall, i strongly recommend more frequent backshots of C.Brown and a little more dosage of KFC, and the problem shall not reoccur….

  • liyah

    yea wen soulja boi made da song “donk” he wasnt exactly tlkin bout rihanna, but hey chris brown obviously dont care or else he wuldnt be wit her

  • Talley-B

    but man, i would still take her like she is, that “look at it” pose is a killer…’s like she’s inviting me to come and get some….


    I gotta say it…Chris is a cornball…

    Okay, you know how you may go through an awkward stage when you are like 9-13? Well why is his from the age of 19-whatever? Goob-a-nator if you ask me..

  • Talley-B

    it sure does look like Alcohol and some other illegal substances were in full effect, wherever C.Brown and Rihanna are at…..

    “teen drinking is very bad”….

  • KILO

    Aint da plumpest but on her knees have feelin it be lookin rite nice to Chris.

  • Lacombe Redbone (You So Krazy!!)

    Oh My GOOdness!

  • Oshie is a cracker ass cracker

    My ass bigger than hers. Nanny nanny boo boo.

  • circa-81

    Once you strip all those close off the a$$ will have a lil’ more definition to it. Besides it’s the shape of the a$$ that matters not size. Alot of big a$$es are from not working out and the first signs that a girl is going to be fat if she’s not careful. Most big a$$es look good in jeans and then once they are naked it has dimples and cellulite. I like em’ like Rhi; slim body type, but if you get a slimmie that has an a$$ on her that is a jewel.

  • Valenne

    that is the thing about rihanna, she don’t have a big ass but don’t wear booty pads and wear her own hair even if it can showcase some of her flaws! I think she could be the definition of what real CONFIDENCE is! Now if she can stop being half naked on stage, that would be a real confident woman!

  • jaja

    she sure aint got no shape!

  • anon

    I disagree! She’s a natural beauty with a small booty. If she went and got them implants, she’s be walking around looking like Angel Lola. And that’s not cute! Just because her ass ain’t hanging down her backside like a box of jello, does not mean he has no ass. She’s got a little something, and she’s proportionate.

  • I SAY WUT WUT, IN DA BUTT!(gone wit da Qtie, in wit da bootie hayyyyy!!)

    uh uh, uh uh, yall dont be talkin bout my girl rhi rhi. shooot, that is my idol.

  • PREGG0 |7 M0RE WEEkz T0 G0|

    F0R HER LEGz T0 BE S0 THiCK..

    iT D0Ez L00K 0Dd THAT SHE HAS N0 BUTt..


  • Booger Tea Warshington

    @ Talley-B

    Thank you for the co-sign! It’s just seriously tragic to see the number of people who are willing to broadcast their writings and thoughts across the entire world when they don’t seem to have read a damned gum wrapper in their life, much less an actual book.

  • soulwoman

    Why are yall always judging a female on how big her butt is? So what, if her butt is flat, wide or whatever. I really don’t understand why females are always commenting on how another woman lacks T&A, or get excited when they do see a woman with T&A. Chris is 19, so what if he is drinking. It’s not like he is 13.

  • Chanel Shades

    Her man likes it.

  • Valenne

    @ soulwoman,


    Men are already judging us so we don’t need that!

  • Lyte Bright

    in that one pic, is rhi-rhi really grabbing c. brown’s package like that… hmm

  • Talley-B

    “so what is Chris brown is drinking, he’s 19, it’s not like he’s 13”

    that was literally the dumbest thing i have EVER heard…..

    go tell that to a Police Officer and see if they don’t tell you differently….

  • BoredAtWork

    What the hell r u all talking about? Rhianna is 5’9″ and probably has more inches of actual ass the all this short pigmies out here with their stumpy bodies. Half these girls out here tryna get her beautiful eye color with fake contacts, tryna steal her style with knockoff clothes & tryna to reach her height with their platform boots. Rihanna’s doing just fine with her ass and she’s not tryna make it anything it’s not. In summation – she ain’t worried about your ass, so don’t be worried about hers.

  • Alexis

    Rhi Rhi had more booty before she LOST all that weight go back and check the video for I dont wanna be a murder whens he is in the black dress or her 1st video pon da replay(or whatever it was called) she was thicker then vs now. Still has a cute shape. Everybody isnt gonna be a big booty girl.

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