Which One Would You Hit???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Both Jamie Foxx and Doug E. Fresh can do some amazing things with their mouths that have the potential to make a girl’s back arch something awful. With that being said, which one would you hit?

More pics from the Entertainment League Basketball Tip-off Party below.

A couple more when you pop the hood…

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  • Dana Dane, I Saved The Best For Last Nigg@s, Kiss My Ass (5'9 Chocolate Diva)

    JAmie all day!!

  • Kimberlee

    Jamie! yumm


    Jamie Foxx dont even like women, where the hell did bill belamy go wrong….

  • G Money

    Oh I would definitely Hit Jamie daily as we all know he has a BIG DICK!!!!! HUGE!!!!!

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    JAAAAMIE! Gawd, I love some Jamie Foxx! Why is Doug E Fresh even on here!? JAAAAMIE!

  • Tee

    I have to give this one to Doug E. Fresh


    …am I the only one that likes Bill’s shirt?

  • Whatevs

    Too bad Doug E. is down with Xenu.

  • lala#1

    Neither… what does Jamie Fox have on.. he looks like a 15 yrs old boy! NO one of any age should sag the pants jeans, boxers etc etc..

    and while I am on the topic. Ladies if you don’t have an ass, DO NOT wear low or ultra low rise anything and if you do,, put a damn belt on.. because crack is wack!

    ok, I am done. Have a great weekend everyone

  • sepia830

    Jamie looks homo in that picture. Doug E. has never been fine. I’ll pass.

  • Nina Knows

    Why does doug e. fresh look like a turtle to me?

    jamie foxx legs are really short, and he’s stuck on himself.

    I love what bill bellamy is wearing.

    that girl with wesley john has a gigantic forehead.

  • beloved

    jamie foxx of course

  • Isis


  • missdividends

    They both could get it….But since im such a lady it would have to be done one at a time….Definetly Dougie Fresh first depending on how much damage he do……..

  • nijah fox

    Doug E Fresh all day baby!!!!

  • Roni

    Jamie looking to Gay these days…have to go with Doug E Fresh

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee (Our 44th President of the United States of America... Barack Hussein Obama!! YEAAAAAH BOOOOOOOYYYY!)

    Doug E Fresh, the Human Beat Box… imagine the damage he can do with those talented lips!?! Jamie is looking hella gay lately… so I’ll have to pass on him!

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