Bus Driver Chokes Mentally Challenged Kid

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The bus driver is supposed to have someone accompany the mentally challenged boy on the bus, and after he starts throwing cans and cursing at her, she understands why. Peep how the ridiculousness subsides after she wrings his neck.

Question of The Day: is she wrong for getting physical with the mentally challenged boy?

Shout out to Nikki U.

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  • KILO

    Oh the JOY to hold the top three slots. Now I can feel like I have truly done something important in dis life. AHHH YESSSSSS!!!

  • Lacombe Redbone (You So Krazy!!)

    Oh My GOOdness! Nah, she is dead wrong fa dat!!

  • Lyn

    She is wrong, even if it was a ‘normal’ kid.

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    She should’ve just turned the bus, back around and took him back to school..I can’t recall how many times I’ve had bus drivers do that when I was a kid..or she should’ve contacted the necessary people to let them know that she was not going to subject herself..


    That is the reason that I don’t have children…

    …I think that I may be a choker as well… 😦 hate my honesty if you must


    OH…if it WAS my child I would have detonated that chick…ole girl on there…just lookin’ baffled…


    I don’t think she was wrong.

  • Fullthrottle

    It’s not funny but that mother knows damn well she does the same thing at home lol. It’s hard taking care of someone’s kids. He was by himself so I would have let him act out as long as he didn’t effect my driving.

  • Jane

    Nope. He looks like a nut. Hope she can keep her job

  • Elegance1981

    Damn she made a mistake. I guess if he punched her in the damn face would she be wrong not to respond. I see his ass got quiet when she came back there. He need a Southern Azz whippin. Accidents happen when the driver is distracted. There should have been somebody on the bus. To the lady that lost her job keep ya head up boo!

  • Lady elle



  • noone atall

    if you don’t want your kids gettin’ smacked/choked up they need to know how to behave – the people taking care of your kids (teachers, busdrivers, babysitter, daycare, etc.) don’t make enough to be expected to put up with bad behavior.

  • QueDST

    That is out of line to choke a child – PERIOD!! There was a better way to handle this. Regular Ed or Special Ed – it doesn’t matter. No adult should be choking a child.

  • b-nice

    As a person who has worked with Mentally disabled adults and children this bus driver regardless if the child threw a shoe or hit her with a brick she should not have put her hands on that child.

    Bus drivers need to be trained in behavioral crisis intervention in regards to handling all children not only children who are disabled. If this were my child I would be so upset, frantic, that this woman without any sort of sensitivity training would place her hands around my sons neck, slamming his head against the window. Then has the nerve to say, “have a nice day” as he was leaving the bus.

    Shame on this bus driver and shame on the state of Texas and any state that allows a disabled child to be harmed and not immediately inform the mother. The child was just confused, scared, alone, the fear build up to the point the child became aggressive, she could have pulled over the bus called authorties to get the child some help.

    I can’t even write anymore I feels so sad for this child, by what this video has shown.

  • jen

    This is ridiculous. He is handicapped, this means he has no idea what is to be considered right and wrong. Are you people stupid? Some of you claim that their parents should raise them, but the mother is obviously attempting to educate him and hopefully get him help. This woman needs to be fired. Nobody should choke a child, that just shows them it is right to do that when they are older.

  • ImDaMan

    She was not wrong…He throwing cans, cursing, yelling, hanging out the window,she had to do something…she tried to scare him straight..I bet he got his mind right after that..that was not abuse to me..i bet it didn’t hurt..but it made him realize she not the one to mess with..again she not a trained specialist for agressive mentally retarded kids..she did the best she knew how in that situation..there was no protocol on what she should have done…BUSSY YOU COOL WITH ME

  • cliff

    all though i want to say that this lady is a complete douche for choking out the kid. i can’t. it has to be a pretty damn stressful job to drive mentally challenged kids and then to have one throw a can at you after the city failed to have a monitor on the bus has to drive a person nuts. shes still wrong for doing it but i can’t blame her at all.

  • try me

    I agree with lady ellea dn noone atall. I have dealt with asperger children and let me tell you it has not been a picnic in the park. These kids can be difficult and sweet when they want to and they have the oddest and most unpredictable mannerism. I feel, though the diver could have handled the situation in a different way, she it not trained to handle children with special needs and that is why there are monitors for situations like this one. I feel all she should have gotten was a reprimand and trained in the ways one should handle a situation like that when it does arise and perhaps told to go to the parents and apologise about the incident. nobody is perfect and I am sure that there are parents out there who have done worse than this little outburst.

  • WOW

    Seriously though, the bus driver should never have been put in that situation. Knowing his capacity for that type of behavior and the fact that the monitor could not be present he should have been placed in restraints. Not only for the drivers saftey but his own.

  • ImDaMan

    I agree 159% with try me…She couldn’t have said it better…

  • try me

    blame it ALL on the system i tell ya. the child and the bus driver were both acting out their roles and non are too blame.

  • B

    Seriously, what was ole girl supposed to do!? He her with a can! I don’t know if he was mentally challenged. He might be a little slow…but we are giving excuses. He was “smart” enough to curse and be violent…he was also “smart” enough to sit dat A down when he got choked out!! LOLOL!!!

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