When Slores Go Wild: A History Of Basketball Wives Feuds And Ugly Fights

- By Bossip Staff
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These broads looooove to fight.

Basketball Wives is a great show. And by “great” we mean “wonderful place where groupies pretend to not be hoes and cat fight all the damn time”. It’s majestic.

Our favorite part? It’s the catfights! Let’s take a look back at the memorable fights from Basketball Wives.

Shaunie and Gloria – They were already on awkward terms since Shaq was banging Gloria’s sister. Things deteriorated so much that Gloria doesn’t speak to Shaunie anymore. Meh. Who does?

Jennifer and Random Groupie – Jen approached a random ho who was allegedly getting at her man. The whole thing got ugly real quickly.

Royce Reed and Everyone Else – The whole crew hated Royce for her ho-ness and craving attention. So much that she had to dip from the show.

Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams – Their fight has taken a life of its own. Evelyn says Jennifer is jealous. Jennifer is just generally bitter. We can’t wait to see the fight.

Nia and Jennifer Williams – Now Jenn is mixing it up with Evelyn’s assistant! You out there fighting the scraps? C’mon, lady.

Jennifer and Eric Williams – He splashed a glass of water on her face! They had serious beef from day one. They were as dysfunctional as it got.

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    Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan – Their relationship ended in a brutal Twitter feud and accusations of cheating from both sides. This will only get worse.

    Tami and Meeka – All Tami was doing was making fun of Meeka’s soft voice. Then it ended up with them scrapping at a bar. Classic!

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