The Swirl: Bradley “Commitmentphobe” Cooper Reportedly Overwhelmed By “Really Intense” Zoe Saldana, Pressuring Him To Settle Down And Move In

- By Bossip Staff

Poor thang! Zoe Saldana may be headed for heartbreak with Bradley Cooper. The latest issue of In Touch Weekly (print edition) claims that she’s moving too fast and has decided he’s her man and even wants to move in with him once he finds a NYC home base, but he’s not quite there yet:

Bradley Cooper may have bitten off more than he can chew with new gal Zoe Saldana. Bradley, who’s been dating a slew of Hollywood ladies, seems to have settled with Zoe, 33, but a source claims the relationship isn’t the casual good time that it appears.

“Zoe is really intense,” says an insider. “She just came out of a long-term relationship with Keith Britton, and now she really wants to settle down.” The insider says that she has decided Bradley, 37, is “the one” and wants to do what other women have tried — and failed [to do]: get a committment out of him. “Bradley really likes her, but he’s trying to keep things casual.”

Dang girl he just don’t like you like that! Hear that Zoe? Take it down a notch, maybe introduce him to your homeboy Tyrone so he sees the world doesn’t revolve around him!

If you peep the body language in their photos, she is looking a bit Stage 5 Clinger-ish.


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