SMH: Pledge Known As “The Trash Can” Sues Sorority For Making Her Pee Her Pants

- By Bossip Staff

Another day, another scary hazing story:

A former Zeta Phi Beta pledge at UC Berkeley accuses her ex-sisters of beating her, making her pee her pants, and lots of other horrible behavior. Her lawsuit also reveals why for some pledges, it can be so hard to simply leave.

beating her and another pledge repeatedly on the head until a third pledge could finish reciting the sorority’s history.
putting trash in her pocket and calling her “the trash can.”

pouring juice on the floor and making her clean it up with her back, then tearing her shirt off.
slamming her face into the wall, making her lip bleed profusely.

making her stay awake all night (this doesn’t necessarily sound that bad until you consider that it’s also a popular torture method).
hitting her in the ankle with a book.

pouring tea leaves all over her.

forbidding her from going to the bathroom, causing her to pee her pants.

Starling actually announced that she was going to de-pledge. But then her Big Sisters “said they loved the pledges and their actions were intended to make the pledges better people” — offering love after harsh treatment and saying that the treatment is a manifestation of said love is a time-honored tactic of repressive organizations, and also of abusers.

What the hell?? Do you think the hazing is just apart of Greek life or something that just needs to be ended??


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