What is Wrong With This Picture???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Latoya attended the The Gipsyland Gala Dinner in LA last night with her Caucasian persuasion on full blast. Just because Vitiligo (if she has it) makes her look white doesn’t give her an excuse to walk around in trailer park hussie attire. SMH

More pictures of Latoya being Latoya below.

We have pictures of Latoya back in her heyday when you…

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  • Royal Chocolate

    A hot mess!!!

  • Chi-Town

    Who is this white lady?

  • Stacey Dash is Fine as Shiggety

    Oh so many things… Too many things to list on a pay Friday.

  • Baby girl

    WTF! Latoya has never looked this bad! I didnt even recognize this chick…….LMAOOOO..OMG this should be posted under Jesus take the wheel HOT DAMN! Latoya are u even in there?????? The fall and slow death of another jackson! SMH*

  • K-mia

    Vitiligo didnt give her that nose, and she’s too old to be dressed like that

  • samira


    That WHOLE family got issues.

  • Acacia

    @ athena

    I am officially done for the day. That was fuuuuuun-ny!!!

  • yanib

    Looked like somebody smacked her in the middle of her face with a big ole powder puff and added a couple of clown circles for comic relief.

  • Shae0728

    @ Athena that was too funny. But dats how look Kim gone look in 09 if she dont stop. LOL Latoya was beautiful but i guess when you are not in love with yourself imwardly you destroy whats on the outside.

  • http://none Tiff

    Your kidding me. Latoya Jackson used to be that gorgeous when she was younger? I dont even remember her looking like that ever. She really messed herself up.

  • ATXChick


  • eveinthegarden

    I remember going to a store appearance at May Company back in…sheesh ’84 (?) to see LaToya because she was the spokesmodel for a line of makeup. She was really pretty back then. She just looks unnatural now.



  • Lacombe Redbone (You So Krazy!!)

    Oh My GOOdness!! Is that Latoya or Michael???

  • lala#1

    I can not stop laughing at the picture and some of these comments! What a way to end this hectic week!!

    TGIF!! off to the gym!

  • Lady elle

    A MESS

  • PREGG0 |7 M0RE WEEkz T0 G0|

    DiS iZ N0T FUNNY….

  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    Poor thing the women dose not even resemble her old self. She would have made a naturally beautiful women. Pops screwed them all up.

  • Bella

    She looked so much better with her natural born looks back in the day. She is number 2 behind Lil Kim. Messed up. So sad

  • Raquel26


  • Mistah Swirl

    There ain’t nothing wrong with her except she wants to look white, just like there ain’t nothing wrong with Janet except she’s snorting too much blow. She’s using the same stuff as her brother to bleach her skin.

    They all lie. I’m really starting to hate this family.

  • Lady D

    Who does this broad’s surgery??? The doctors she deals with need to sue the medical school/institution where they were trained because they were failed miserably by their instructors. Toya needs to sue them as well because she was failed as a patient. She looks like something that Amy Winehouse would smoke or snort.

  • Elo

    Ummm…that someone took it and it exists…???

  • http://none anitabonita

    What’s wrong with picture…EVERYTING

  • Devrae

    I didn’t know Letoya had vitiligo too or was that sarcasm. I thought she was always the “light-skinned” Jackson!!!!

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