Mitt Romney Attacks Obama Administration: Call Morning After Pill “Abortive” And Criticizes The President Over Religious Rights To Worship God

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Mitt Romney stay with Obama’s name in his mouth:

Employing some of his most conservative rhetoric to date, Mitt Romney referred to morning after pills as “abortive pills” during a speech at a rally in Colorado where he told the crowd about the importance of electing a president who will protect the “right to worship God.”

“I’m just distressed as I watch our president try and infringe upon our rights, the First Amendment of the Constitution provides the right to worship in the way of our own choice,” Romney said to nearly 3,000 people gathered in the gymnasium of Arapahoe High School, in Arapahoe County, an area known as a so-called “swing county” that Obama won in 2008.

“This same administration said that the churches and the institutions they run, such as schools and let’s say adoption agencies, hospitals, that they have to provide for their employees free of charge, contraceptives, morning after pills, in other words abortive pills, and the like at no cost,” Romney said. “Think what that does to people in faiths that do not share those views. This is a violation of conscience.

“We must have a president who is willing to protect America’s first right, our right to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience,” he said.
Romney was referring to the plan by the Obama administration to require any church-affiliated employers to include coverage for birth control that was pushed forward in January and is set to go into effect in August. The issue was brought up again when leaders in Catholic churches across America read letters from the church’s leadership on Sunday, Jan. 29, condemning the administration’s policy.

Until now, Romney has not spoken about the mandate at any of his campaign events, but he did in an op-ed he wrote in the Washington Times in which he condemned the policy. “And on day one I will eliminate the Obama administration rule that compels religious institutions to violate the tenets of their own faith,” he wrote. “Such rules don’t belong in the America that I believe in.”

What do you think about good ole Mitt???


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