Hide Ya Kids: Freakazoid Bunny Suit Wearing Teacher’s Aide Popped For Making Kiddie Flicks For Kicks

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It’s a cotdamn shame when kids ain’t even safe from the Easter bunny! Another freakazoid has been popped for putting the moves on kids in the classroom.

A Brooklyn teacher’s aide who dressed up in an bunny costume at Easter and led an all-boys dance group has been accused of producing a trove of kiddie flicks — some of it inside a classroom.

Taleek Brooks, 40, an aide at Public School 243 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, was arrested Tuesday after the FBI found disturbing images on his computer of him fondling a boy’s genitals and spanking a naked child, officials said.

FBI officials said Brooks admitted making his sick videos and photos and sharing them with online perverts for as long seven years.

The stunning allegations sent hair-raising chills through the school where he has worked since 1995, angering parents and prompting School Chancellor Dennis Walcott to call the charges “disgusting.”

“Our paramount concern is for the safety of our students, and we are cooperating fully with the federal authorities as they continue their investigation,” said Walcott, who met with school staff and said there were no red flags about Brooks.

“We had no indication,” Walcott added. “This is a horrendous case.”

The case also sent shockwaves through the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, where Brooks worked as an afterschool group leader.

“We fired him as soon as the first allegation came to light,” said Joseph Patuleia, executive director of the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, adding that a background check came up clean. “We’re working with the FBI as everyone is.”

Officials also said Brooks ran a all-boys dance group at PS 243 called “Freestylers” and often took kids from the group to see movies like “How to Train a Dragon” and out for pizza and ice cream.

In a disturbing photo that Brooks posted on his school blog in 2010, he is dressed as the Easter bunny and has his arm around children.

“I try to live a simple life with no stress,” Brooks wrote on his Facebook page. “I’m not into drama and selfishness. I’m more about working hard and supporting people I feel needs it.”

The FBI stumbled on Brooks’ twisted pastime Dec. 29 when he told an agent in an Internet chat room that he was “interested in black boys 10 years old and older,” according to the complaint.

Brooks was initially arrested last month on charges of possessing lewd content with a minor and freed on $100,000 bail.

He was re-arrested Monday night after FBI agents searched a computer and two hard drives seized from the bedroom of his Brooklyn apartment.

Agents found more than 1,000 digital files containing kiddie flicks on his computer equipment that he had produced and distributed online.

Authorities believe the images were videotaped in a classroom at PS 243.

He faces a minimum of 15 years in prison if convicted. He was arraigned Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court on charges of distribution of lewd content featuring minors.

Federal officials would not say if they have identified any of the victims, but pleaded with parents to contact the FBI if they suspect their child was preyed on by Brooks.

“As Chancellor, and as a father, I am horrified and disgusted at the charges we learned of today from the FBI,” Walcott said in a statement.

School officials said they fingerprinted Brooks when he was hired and would have been notified if he was arrested within New York state.

PS 243 principal Karen Hambright-Glover sent parents a letter Tuesday explaining the allegations.

“Today, we learned that the FBI discovered new evidence that indicates Mr. Brooks may not have only possessed lewd content featuring minors, but is alleged to have produced such content himself,” Hambright-Glover’s letter reads.

“Obviously this matter is of tremendous concern to us as he safety of our students is paramount.”

Parents picking their children up at the school Wednesday were left in disbelief by the breathtaking charges.

Atalia Pons, 42, who has six children attending the school, said parents trusted Brooks, even letting him take their kids on overnight trips out of town.

“Oh, my God, it’s a shock, a real shock,” Pons said.

She said she was suspicious of what school officials knew about Brooks’ behavior and when.

“I don’t believe they didn’t know,” Pons said. “A lot of things have been covered up at this school. You expect a school to do right by your kids.”

The FBI is asking additional victims to call 212-384-2700.

Damn, this guy had these parents completely hoodwinked, taking their kids on overnight trips and isht??? SMH. Pretty sure he’s gonna meet his karma soon enough as Bubba’s lil beyotch in the bing.


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