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You can’t be serious!

A UK government program that allows teenager girls to receive birth control implants at school without their parents’ permission has some parents VERY angry:

Government officials say it’s an effective way to combat teen pregnancy. Parents say it’s a complete violation of their rights as parents. Morality-minded individuals are concerned that this will result in rampant sluttiness.

The program outfits young women who choose to participate with Implanon, a 3-inch long plastic matchstick that’s surgically installed beneath the surface of the skin under the arm. Implanon is a long-lasting form of birth control that is effective for 3 years before it must be removed, although it can be removed at any time.

Parents are complaining because they say the procedure isn’t safe. According to one mother who spoke to the Telegraph, her 13-year-old daughter was given the device after filling out a short medical history form and without any consultation from their family doctor.

Others say they’ve been “forced” to examine their daughters’ arms to make sure they haven’t tried to sneak around and get birth control behind their parents’ backs. Another parent says that her right to protect her daughter has been taken away from her. Interesting choice of words.

Maybe one day everyone will understand that in much the same way that carrying an umbrella around doesn’t cause it to rain, taking birth control does not cause anyone to have sex. Reducing teen pregnancy is a good thing, and because teenagers are not awesome at making good decisions, giving teenagers access to birth control is a good thing. But implanting a birth control device in teenage girls WITHOUT their parents’ permission is totally OUT THE QUESTION.

What do you think?


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