Florida Crazies: Teen Shoots Grandma In The Head With A Crossbow Before Stabbing Her 93 Times And Smashing Her Face With A Pipe Wrench

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This young man ain’t shyte! He did it all to make his uncle suffer… WTF??? This kid’s middle name is Aristotle and his philosophy is murder — in the most gruesome way possible.

A 19-year-old in Florida was so angry with his uncle, he viciously stabbed his grandmother nearly 100 times just to make him suffer, authorities said Wednesday.

The bitter teen also shot her in the head with a crossbow, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.

Jasper Aristotle Smiddie’s original plan was to kill his uncle, according to Sheriff Grady Judd.

Instead, “he decided, ‘Well, I’ll kill my grandmother instead, so my uncle has to live with the death of his mother for the rest of his life,'” Judd said at a press conference on Wednesday.

It is unclear exactly what happened to cause Smiddie to hate his uncle so much, police said.

The teenager, who lived with his grandmother, Gloria Helfrich, as well as his uncle in Lake Wales, confronted the 67-year-old woman in her bedroom on Tuesday, police said.

He first shot Helfrich in the head with the crossbow, according to authorities. He then repeatedly stabbed her.

“Gloria was stabbed 93 times: 58 stab wounds in the back, 34 in the head, and one in the face,” Judd said.

“Then subsequent to leaving the room, after Jasper inflicted this terrible, terrible injury to his grandmother, he comes back into the room and decides to hit her in the head with a pipe wrench,” he added.

In a bizarre twist, Smiddie did not flee, according to Fox 35 News. The teenager instead locked the door to his grandmother’s bedroom and waited for his uncle to get home.

Smiddie then ate dinner and watched movies with the man, who was unaware that his own mother was dead upstairs, Fox 35 News reported.

The 19-year-old fled the house early Wednesday. He later called his father and confessed, police said. The father then called authorities, and the body was discovered.

Smiddie was arrested hours later near his girlfriend’s house and was charged with first degree murder, police said.

Forget Hide Ya Kids — Hide FROM Ya Kids — or Grandkids in this case. This kid is a complete nutjob. What is in that damn Florida water???


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