Race Matters: 12 White Firefighters Win $2.5 Milli Discrimination Lawsuit Claiming They Were Passed Over For Promotions Given To Blacks

- By Bossip Staff

Show them the money. This is one of those times where white is right because wrong is wrong.

A State Supreme Court judge has ordered the Buffalo Fire Department and City of Buffalo to pay more than $2.5 million dollars to 12 firefighters in a discrimination case.

Thirteen white firefighters claimed the City and department allowed promotion lists to expire so they could promote more African Americans.

The firefighters awards were based on how far their promotions would have taken them.

Additionally, the emotional damages that were awarded ranged from $20,000 to $30,000 for each firefighter.

One firefighter who was part of the lawsuit was not awarded any damages because the court felt he did not have enough evidence to support his claim.

Attorney Andrew Fleming, who represented the firefighters, said Anthony Hynes had already retired and was collecting his pension by the time the lawsuit was filed.

“Essentially the judge ruled that Hynes took his own remedy by leaving,” said Fleming. “It’s a disappointment because Chief Hynes was indeed passed over for a promotion, and he was a great servant, public servant for the city.”

City Spokesman Mike DeGeorge said Wednesday afternoon that city officials were in the process of reviewing the decision. He said there is a possibility the city will appeal the ruling.

$2.5 milli seems like a lot but divide that between 12 people’s loss in potential salary and a little extra thrown in for emotional distress. Does it seem fair to you?

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