A Verrrry Special Night: These Celebrities May Possibly Have Been Conceived Righhht Around Valentine’s Day

- By Bossip Staff
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We did a little math…

From moment of conception to birth takes anywhere from 38 to 40 weeks, in case any of you were wondering. And we all know that Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers to get their loooooove on. So we crunched some numbers and looked at celebrities born between the last week in November to the middle of December and figured there was a chance their parents came together during the love season and maybe even on Valentine’s itself!

Hopefully YOU will only be popping out December babies if you plan on it!

Jaleel White – November 27

Trey Songz – November 28

Jimi Hendrix – November 27

Britney Spears – December 2nd

Jay-Z – December 4th

Tyra Banks – December 4th

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    Nicki Minaj – December 8th

    Dwight Howard – December 8th

    DMX – December 18th

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