Seen on the Scene: Busta Rhymes, Donald Trump, Tigga, Joy Bryant, Nik from America’s Top Model

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip’s favorite girl in Hollyweird Joy Bryant (Antwan Fisher) attends The Times BFI 50th London Film Festival in London which held the premiere of “Bobby”. Joy looks good here but those boots look busted as hell with that dress. The dress also looks like it is putting pressure on her legs, keeping them together. She needs to consistently step her fashion game up to match that “natural” dime face.

Busta: “I feel so good and important taking this pic with these beautiful and rich white folks”. “Only in times like these will you see “hard” rappers such as myself show teeth“. Donald Trump launched his new premium Vodka at the Trump Tower in Manhattan Thursday night.

A “shaky” and not so sure of himself Tigga takes a pic with Nik from America’s Top Model. She looks great, she could of leaned back a little on the eyeliner. Tigga is dressed well also, good colors. Look hard/mean , happy/smile, something, never the “I don’t know look”. SMH. Tigga’s face on the pic kinda has that Mark Foley/John Karr quality.

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