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Rihanna made it to her performance in Taguaig, Phillippines over the weekend, and if you look closely you can see her index finger tattooed with, “Shhh”. RiRi has a wild streak in that little, tiny @ss of hers and out of respect, we would like to know if that tattoo has any significance before we start calling it stupid.

Here are some more pics of Princess RiRi performing.

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  • Hannibal

  • Katherine

    she’s had that tattoo for awhile, like several months now..

  • Laydacris

    here comes the comments…….

  • bootlegger


  • bootlegger


  • Katherine

    what really should’ve been pointed out was her tattoo on her right hand, which is still relatively new..

  • canocous

    the girl cant sing, dance or do anything…. so shhhhhhh is the way to go for her… we know she bleats like crazy………. take vocal lessons girl

  • Laydacris


  • Atl Lovely

    someone told her to shush cause she can’t sing.

  • canocous

    but besides her mediocre voice we now have Beyonce who has real talent and is all over the place. November 18 is the day

  • kadian

    yall are late she’s had this tattoo for awhile now. “shhh” is for u guys to shut the hell up and leave my girl alone

  • Moca

    It looks like numbers to me, not a word

    Is yall reaching?

  • bored

    This is the only chick I know in the music business that gets bad reviews from non-speaking english people…

    Only Rihanna…

  • Ermy Erm

    @ Moca…its Shhh…i thought it was numbers too. LOL but its the word

  • Baby girl

    lol….this tat is funny

  • Nina Knows

    isnt the finger that “shhh…” is inked on, the shhh finger?! Sounds significant to me, clever, and creative.


    the last thing she should b doing is performing on stage!!! the other one is back throwing hot ass grits on all her competition lmao…

  • yanib

    It could have been “STFU”. I like.

  • E$

    she probably points that finger & shhh people allday…You can never be sasha! Shhhh

  • leave it be..(i finally got some jelly beans) enjoying her Harvest bar


  • Katherine

    btw, the tattoo on her hand is very similar to a tattoo chris has on his right hand in the same spot as well…iono if they’re matching tattoos though

  • katie

    why is it always necessary to point out that she is vocally challenge, it really doesn’t matter because people continues to buy and support her music career.

  • Baby girl

    what does chris’s tat say? just curious.

  • kenya

    when you tell someone to be quiet you put your finger up to your mouth and say “shhhhhhhhh” maybe she got tired of telling her critics to “shhhhh” and decided to let the tat speak for her. lol it’s cute but she may regret it later in life.

  • Wakeupeople

    I only hope the pregnancy rumors are wrong. They are too young to have children. They need to mature and work more on their careers before getting married or having children 🙂

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