What The Hell??? One-Time Pops New Jersey Man For Killing Ex-Girlfriend By Running Her Over With Car Repeatedly!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Man, these days breaking up with a guy is becoming downright fatal.

A 26-year-old New Jersey man was arrested today for allegedly murdering his girlfriend by repeatedly running over her with his car in Fort Lee, NJ, yesterday after she attempted to break up with him, authorities said.

Charles J. Ann, of Fort Lee, was busted in Queens, where he fled, authorities said. He’s being held in Queens Criminal Court on $3 million cash bail for allegedly killing Anna Hong, 25, also of Fort Lee. He was charged with first-degree murder.

“As the victim was crossing the road, Charles Ann rapidly accelerated his motor vehicle, striking Ms. Hong,” Bergen County Prosecutor Jon K. Molinelli said today. “The investigation further revealed that after striking the victim, the driver, Ann, put the car on reverse and backed out over the victim and subsequently drove over the victim again.”
Charles J. Ann, who was arrested in the hit-and-run death of Anna Hong in Fort Lee, NJ.

Ann drove forward and backward over Hong three times, Molinelli said.

Authorities suspect Ann, who was born in Korea, was going to flee the country. He was captured at a friend’s house in Queens early this morning with a passport and large amounts of cash, authorities said.

“The investigation further reveals that Ms. Hong had a tumultuous dating relationship with Charles J. Ann, and was recently trying to end the relationship,” Molinelli said.

Witnesses described a horrific crime scene.

“I was sitting in my desk on a conference call, I heard the start and stop of tires spinning it happened four or five times,” said Gene Hoffman, manager of a Wells Fargo branch. “I heard the sound of a tire squealing and then stop, tire squealing and then stop. I heard someone crying and screaming.

“When I got up from my desk, I heard people screaming I saw the body it was horrific. … I haven’t seen anything like that since I was overseas in combat in Iraq.”

Hong Liu said his mother saw a woman walking along the street and a man driving slowing beside her as they talked. She heard the woman say “no” and the man got out of the car and began arguing with her.

A few moments later his mother came back and saw the body in the street.

Dayummmmm you know it’s bad when the Iraq war vet said he hasn’t seen something that bad since combat! What is it with these crazy controlling boyfriends who can’t just let the girl go? She gotta lose her life cuz she doesn’t want to be with you??? WTF!


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