Sidepiece Showdown Pt. 3: Rap’s Most Notorious Mistresses And Jumpoffs

- By Bossip Staff

keys beatz

Rap homewreckers get a chance!

And here we are with part three of our Sidepiece Showdown series and it’s time to focus on rappers. Rappers are always going after groupies and hoes, so there’s no surprise they get their own list. Take a look at these side chicks.

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lil kim

Lil Kim – Her affair with Biggie was something of legend. They even made a movie about it!

charli bmore

Charli Baltimore – She was another of Big’s side chicks that got caught. He did have them calling him Big Poppa.


Superhead – She wrote a whole book about her mistress ways. Nope…not a ho at all.


Kimbella – She admitted on Love and Hip-Hop that she had an affair with Fabolous. She announced her side piecery on national TV.

kat stacks

Kat Stacks – Whatever happened to her?


Hoopz – Allegedly she caused quite the issue in T.I. and Tiny’s relationship and their impending nuptials.

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    Cassie – She made Diddy forget that Kim Porter even existed for a little bit. Are those tiny cakes that awesome?


    Cameron Diaz – And when he was done with Cassie, he moved to Cameron.

    keys beatz

    Alicia Keys – She straight yanked him from Mashonda like he was a loose basketball. Not a single damn was given.


    Kimmy Cakes – According to Amber Rose, she was getting chopped down by Yeezy behind Amber’s back.


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