Kreayshawn Talks To GQ About Being A Box Licker But Says “I’m Not That Gay!”

- By Bossip Staff

We gotta hand it to GQ for painting quite the portrait of Kreayshawn in their March issue… this isht is PURE COMEDY. We won’t spoil the fun for you. Just go ahead and check out the excerpts below:

Once the boys are gone, we learn the main reason Kreayshawn’s been so pensive this past hour. And it’s not that the pressure of her newfound, instant fame was bearing down on her with enormous psychic weight. As soon as the door shuts, she yells: “I have to POOP,” like a proud potty-trained toddler. This has clearly been on her mind for some time—when I’d originally asked if I could hang out in the room while she got dressed, she’d responded, “Are you going to write about how I pooped, ate nachos, then pooped again? Men won’t like that.” Her girlfriends are instantly behind her in this effort, no pun intended. Lady Tragik encourages, “C’mon, girl. Poop thug life,” and throws up the West Coast sign. Avian starts pumping her arm, in a sports-stadium chant: “Number two! Number two! Number two!” Kreay pumps her arm too, like an athlete encouraging the cheers. Then Avian puts on a mock-serious tone: “You prairie doggin’ ‘?”

You. Can’t. Be. Serious. But yeah, she actually was. Keep reading for more excerpts from Kreay about licking the box, reppin’ the Town (Oakland) and almost doing “Bad Girls Club.”

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