Cry Me A River: Kate Gosselin Says She’s “So Lonely” With No Man To Chop Down Her Fertile Cakes [Video]

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Poor thang! Wait, are we actually s’posed to feel sorry for this broad?

Since splitting with her husband Jon in 2009, mother-of-eight Kate Gosselin has relatively remained single.

While Jon has moved on by dating Ellen Ross since 2010, it appears that the only man in the 36-year-old’s life is her faithful bodyguard Steve Neild.

In an interview on Dr.Drew’s Lifechangers, the blonde reality star got tearful when he asked her if she had a love life.

‘No. I’m too busy. I think a lot of my friends who are being constructive say “gosh, who are you going to meet that is going to be able to deal with eight kids?”‘ she said.

‘My answer is always if they can deal with eight kids in our situation it probably will be the person. It will sort of prove it.’

The busy mother said she craves a love life, but it’s a struggle and she often feels incredibly lonely.

‘Absolutely! The odds are so against me, one mom and eight kids…so it would be great,’ she said.
‘I mean, I’m so lonely. I clean up the house, put the kids to bed and there I sit.

‘Ideally I would find that person…I don’t know if I feel ready for that.

‘I think a lot of people mistake that and think someone is going to come in and help you co-parent eight kids, how do you expect that? I don’t.

‘I mean, I don’t expect someone to come in and financially provide for my kids, I mean, they’re mine, that’s my job. So, just to have somebody there…’

For her appearance on the show, Kate looked fresh-faced and showed off her toned figure in a silver and grey mini-dress.

Dr. Drew held her hand as her eyes welled up with tears.

Kate’s love life has been quiet since she split with Jon.

Her bodyguard Steve Neild has been by Kate’s side since 2010 and the duo once sparked rumours of a romance.

Pictures of Kate in Cabo with the handsome married security guard back in 2010 prompted rumours of an affair, which Kate blasted as ‘absurd’.

‘I am completely alone – and believe me, I spend a lot of time contemplating the fact that I could be alone for the rest of my life,’ she told People at the time.

During the interview Kate also opened up about divorce and what her current relationship is like with Jon.

After the interview filmed back in January, she told her fans that she and addiction medicine specialist Dr. Drew got along famously.

‘…on my way to Dr Drew Lifechangers show… He’s a dad of triplets… We get along great! 🙂 will let you know when you can watch it…’ she wrote on her Twitter page.

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Feel bad for this broad if you want to, but we couldn’t help but notice while she was pimpin’ out her 8 kids on TV that she’s a total beyatch!

No wonder Jon bounced.

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