Florida Crazies: 53-Year-Old Speeder Shows Up At The Issuing Officers Crib To Have A “Man-To-Man”…And Curse Out His Wife!

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This cat was about that LIFE!!!

A 53-year-old man accused of showing up at the home of a Port St. Lucie police officer who issued him a speeding ticket and telling the officer’s wife he wanted to talk to the officer “man-to-man” was arrested, according to a police report released Wednesday.

Ralph Ferretti, of the 500 block of Southeast Felix Avenue in Port St. Lucie, was arrested Feb. 18 on a corrupt by threat public servant or family charge in connection with the incidents.

Officer Erik Levasseur had issued Ferretti the speeding ticket that day. After getting the ticket, Ferretti realized the officer lived across the street from a friend. Ferretti drove to his friend’s home and parked.

Levasseur’s wife told police Ferretti asked where “Dave” was. Levasseur’s wife also said that Ferretti started telling her Levasseur gave him a speeding ticket.

“I want to speak to him about it when the cop goes 10-7, man-to-man,” Ferretti is quoted as saying.

10-7 is a code used in police radio transmissions that means out of service or off duty.

As wild as this sounds, it’s only the tip of the iceberg..

Image via Port St. Lucie Sherriff

Levasseur’s wife said Ferretti was “very agitated” and used profanity, according to the report.

Levasseur’s wife told Ferretti he needed to calm down and that perhaps later he could talk with “Dave,” who then could talk to Levasseur.

Levasseur’s wife called her husband. As she spoke to him, she said Ferretti was in the driveway across the street. She said he opened his trunk and moved things that she couldn’t see.

She said he had his arms crossed and stared at her home in a “menacing manner,” the report states. Levasseur’s wife appeared shaken from the incident.

Ferretti was released Sunday from the St. Lucie County jail on a $2,500 bond, a jail official said Wednesday.

Sound like ol’ boy wanted to catch fade with Officer Levasseur!


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