True Or False: Is Reggie Bush Planning To Elope With Kimmy Cakes ONLY Under The Condition She Quits Reality Television?

- By Bossip Staff

The queen of attention sloring reality TV? We don’t know about this one.

Since Kimmy Cakes ended her publicity stunt of a marriage with Kris Humphries in October, she and ex-boo thang Reggie Bush have been rumored to be getting back together and getting even more serious.

Now, In Touch is reporting that Bush agreed to see Kardashian earlier this month in Miami as long as they remained completely out of the public spotlight:

“She didn’t go out once,” a source said. “And they weren’t seen in public together per his request.”

One of Kardashian’s friends also said Kim wants to “run off with him and marry” but that it will be very private. According to the story, Reggie is willing to give Kim another chance if she agrees to stop seeking publicity, give up her reality TV show, and quietly finalize her divorce with Humphries.

“Reggie wants Kim to completely disappear from the public eye,” a source said. “Kim thinks Reggie is the one so she’s going to try her best.”

Annnnnnnd this is where we stop listening. This sounds unlikely to begin with, let alone imagining that Kim could give into Reggie’s “demands”. The Kardashians can’t disappear from the public spotlight, even if they wanted to, which they obviously don’t. Do you think Reggie will be setting down with Kim anytime soon?



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