What The Hell??? Plastic Surgeon Daddy Gives Daughter Implants At 18, Nose Job At 21 And Regular Botox Injections At 23!!!

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Modern Family or Epitome of a Bad Dad?

Brittani Niccole got two presents from her dad when she turned 18 — bigger boobs.

And he performed the operation.

“I have no qualms,” said Michael Niccole, a California plastic surgeon. “I feel very comfortable in surgery, and I always have with relatives.”

His daughter, who is now 23 and working as a model in Las Vegas, says in an upcoming interview on ABC’s “20/20” that she loves her C-cups.

“I didn’t have large breasts when I was younger, and all my friends did,” she says. “I felt very self-conscious about it.”

Judging from her Facebook picture, Niccole has gotten over that.

Father and daughter dished as part of a piece about teenagers getting cosmetic surgery.

In an earlier interview with The Orange County Register, Niccole said the day she got her breasts done was “one of the best days of my life so far.”

Asked whether she considered going to another doctor, Niccole said, “It never crossed my mind.”

Niccole also got a nose job from her dad about a week before she turned 21.

Michael Niccole, who runs the Cosmeticare Plastic Surgery Center in Newport Beach, Calif., said he has operated on other relatives.

For example, the doc said he turned the “outtie” belly button of his other adopted daughter, 23-year-old Charm, into an “innie” when she was ten.

“Who would give them the time — that extra little look during surgery more than I would?” the surgeon said.

Michael Niccole said he also gives the girls regular Botox injections to keep them wrinkle-free.

“I’m not changing their looks in any means,” he said. “They want maintenance. They don’t want to get old. They want to stay young.”

The “Cutting Edge” special airs Friday on ABC at 10 p.m.

SMH. The kids these days. What 23-year-old needs Botox? This is just ridiculous. We guess when you’re a plastic surgeon teaching your kids to be SHALLOW comes with the territory.


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