This Could Be Your Future, Breezy! Stars Who Were Never The Same After Going To Jail

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Chris Brown may be heading to the clink…will he end up like these people?

Some celebrities go to jail then come back better than ever. Others have their careers end as soon as they get behind bars. Here are some celebrities Chris Brown doesn’t want to turn out like.

Mike Tyson – He was the baddest man on the planet, then he went to jail and never won a championship again. And it seemed to go downhill from there for a long time.

DMX – He’s been mostly in jail for the last few years. Let’s face it; the career is over.

Lil Kim – She went from Queen Bee to “who”?

Foxy Brown – It’s like she’s still in jail somewhere.

Gucci Mane – He got out of jail and tatted his freaking face. It was a wrap after that.

Paris Hilton – She only went for 45 days, but she came back and couldn’t even get her show poppin’.

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    Plaxico Burress – Plax shot himself in the leg and had to leave the Giants. Giants won the Super Bowl. Plax didn’t make the playoffs.

    Shyne – He had the hottest single around…then he went to jail and came back looking like a total weirdo.

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