ChitChatter: Evelyn Lozada Talks Basketball Wives Season 4, Her Issues With Jennifer Williams, And A Unexpected Surprise From Shaunie O’Neal…

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The Boricua bride-to-be busts loose some inside info on the new season of our favorite fawkery program.

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The Basketball Wives are back with a vengeance for a new season, and caught up with the hottest star of the show, Evelyn Lozada to get the dish on the drama, the wild women, and her famous NFL-playing fiancé.

“I am happy to be with some of the ladies, I’ll say that!” Lozada told in an exclusive interview. “I am really good friends with Shaunie O’Neal, we were friends before the show, and Tami Roman.”

But as any fan of the VH1 hit is well aware, there is no love lost between Evelyn and Jennifer Williams, who started season four of the show with a bang when they got into an angry cat fight in the premiere episode.

“As of now, me and Jennifer are not friends and I don’t think I will ever reconcile the friendship,” the outspoken 36-year-old New Yorker told bluntly.

“In the first episode they talked about her being ‘bougie,’ when you are that person and you get a little bit of fame, you start believing the hype. She thinks she is better than everyone else.”

Damn, tell ’em how you really feel Ev.

After knocking a couple inches of Jen’s stilletos, the isht-talkin’ Boricua took aim at new-booty Kenya Bell

“Most of the cast members feel she’s a little strange to say the least. She’s not really someone I would hang out with after filming, she’s not my type of person.”

“I think her fakeness could definitely be Kenya’s demise.”

Despite her feelings about Kenya, there is one new cast member that she is quite fond of…

“Kesha always remained herself and didn’t change, she wasn’t trying to do anything to make her mark on the show, but with Kenya she is not being herself and tries really hard to fit in.

“When you come into a fourth season, you smell B.S. from far away. It’s best to be yourself, that’s why I took a liking to Kesha. She is a really sweet girl and always seems like she is the same person on and off of the set.”

Surprisingly, Evelyn says that despite her usually calm demeanor, Shaunie O’Neal lets it be known that she is NOT one to f@#k around with this season.

“Shaunie actually gets into a conflict with one the cast mates, she’s usually quiet and stays out of the mess. She did have an issue with one of the ladies on the show, and I think viewers will be surprised that she voiced that and who that person ended up being.”

Shaunie must have gotten the message that she needs to stop being a bystander and talk a lil’ isht her damn self.

Should be VERY interesting.

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