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[] Wait…This Nail Polish Costs How Much? ust when you thought Tom Ford Nail Lacquer was a grip at $30 a pop, get ready to wrap your mind around this: Red Carpet Manicure has a golden at-home LED Manicure that retails…wait for it…wait for it…$5,000. WHY? We learned it contains a full ounce of gold, but then that was it. Although we did wait to hear if it also included someone to apply the polish to our nails and you know, tidy up the house a bit, too(Read)

[] Sacha Baron Cohen Punks Ryan Seacrest At Oscars Sacha Baron Cohen punks Ryan Seacrest at Oscars with Dictator Kim Jong-il’s ashes.(Watch)

[] Should You Get a Gun For Self-Defense? Last week, I read a provocative piece from Thembi Ford of Clutch Magazine, called “Is It Okay to Own a Gun?” Ford writes that she felt compelled to pose this question after an incident where a close friend of hers was forced to brandish a gun at a lurker outside of her first floor apartment window. Ford writes, “She waved the man off, yelled for him to go away, and put a stern look on her face. That didn’t work, so she pulled out her gun and pointed it at him. That still didn’t make him leave (she ended up calling the police, who escorted him away), but it scared me plenty.”(Read)

[] ‘It’s The Real’ At NBA All-Star Weekend ft. Fabolous & Wale The Rosenthals’s took a trip to Orlando for NBA All-Star weekend and caught up with Fabolous & Wale for MTV’s The Check-In. They discussed strip clubs and the possibility of signing to Young Money with Fab, while Wale spoke on Kris Humphries and creating his own shoe. As always, The Rosenthals come through with another hilarious set of interviews.(Watch)

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