Lionel Ritchie’s Daughter Nicole Ritchie Collapses at Club Hyde

- By Bossip Staff

Middle pic is when she looked almost healthy.

Via our friends at TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ that Nicole Richie passed out at Hyde nightclub early Sunday morning in Hollywood. We’re told it occurred just before 2 a.m., when Richie passed out and fell to the floor. An employee approached Richie and her friends and said he was calling 911. Sources say they told the employee not to make the call and that they would take Richie to a hospital. The friends then carried Richie out of the club through the back door. TMZ does not know if Richie went to the hospital.Before Richie collapsed, we’re told she hung out for awhile with Lindsay Lohan inside the club. Lohan had her own bizarre tale early Sunday morning on a street in Hollywood.

Thats what happens when you continue to take drugs such as Black Tar/Heroin and don’t eat, while putting out press statements that you are going to see the doctor to find out what is wrong. Kick your habit and you can party all night. Lionel, it’s about time for some intervention homie.

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