No Shame: 41-Year-Old Cali Teacher Resigns And Leaves His Wife & Kids To Move into An Apartment With 18-Year-Old Student

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People really ain’t isht these days:

A California school teacher has quit his job and left his wife and kids to move into an apartment with an 18-year-old student less than half his age. The Modesto Bee says the teen’s mother has waged a Facebook campaign since her daughter moved out of the family’s home last week and into a Modesto apartment with 41-year-old James Hooker.

Hooker quit his teaching job at Enochs High School last week and left his wife and children, one of them an Enochs student, to live with Enochs senior Jordan Powers.
Modesto police are investigating whether there was inappropriate contact before the girl turned 18 last fall. Hooker acknowledges the couple hurt a lot of people, but says they decided to follow their hearts.

“In making our choice, we’ve hurt a lot of people,” Hooker was quoted in the Modesto Bee. “We keep asking ourselves, ‘Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?”

Well at least they are happy, rightt??? He probably has kids her age!


Photo: Modesto Bee

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