Twitpics Files: “Duck Lips” Drizzy Shows Off His Suspect Steez… Ladies (And Fellas) Would You Hit This?

- By Bossip Staff

“ChampagnePapi” you got some ‘splaining to do…

Annnnnnnnd just when you thought Drake was done tweeting more suspect pictures of himself, he changes the entire game with this one. This morning Drizzy took of a picture of himself (we hope) in his most fabulous pose ever to show off his new hairdo. Get it girl!

No, he didn’t snap a pic of him in a dirty bathroom mirror, fingers on his lips and his booty poking up… we assume that’s coming very soon though. Instead he was laid out on his swan white 1000 count sheet Egyptian cotton sheets (for sensitive skin). After writing in his diary and contemplating which flavor of fat free yogurt to eat, Drake in all his Jewish princess glory, blessed his Instagram followers with his best duck lipped offering. HOW YOOOOOOOOOU DOING!?

We give it 5 snaps in a Z formation by the way. So, ladies and some of you gents… Would you hit this?


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