Microsoft Says Apple Makes Old iPhones 'Unusably Slow' On Purpose

Hi Hater: Microsoft Puts Apple On Blast And Says They Make iPhones ‘Unusably Slow’ On Purpose

- By Bossip Staff

Microsoft, you mad?

New Microsoft mobile head Terry Myerson says that Apple’s habit of releasing software updates for current iPhones is really just a way to sell more hardware:

I think Apple ‑‑ you’re right, you can download iOS 5 for iPhone 3G, and it won’t be usable, but it’s possible to install …. It’s a great hardware sales tool as far as I can tell. Install this OS which makes your hardware unusably slow, so then you feel compelled to go back to the store and buy a new piece of hardware.

He also said that Android phones don’t get updated at all:

Statistically speaking, no Android phones get upgraded, none, ever. They have big bugs, they don’t even get patched. That’s what we’re seeing statistically out there.

We guess he probably meant the 3GS, not the 3G, which doesn’t support iOS5. Is Microsoft just hating on all the success Apple has been having with the iPhone or do they have a point?

But this does bring up the age old debate… iPhone, Android or Windows Phone?


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