Is Halle Berry Preparing To Pay Former Honey “Catch Fade Gabe” Hush Money To Avoid Being Put On Blast In Tell-All???

- By Bossip Staff

Hey Nahla, can you say “Cha-Ching”??? Cuz that’s the sound that Mommy is about to be making for Daddy for a looooong time just to keep him quiet. Gabriel Aubry has decided it’s time to pay the piper and he is working the hell out of his threat to publish a tell-all about Halle Berry.

According to Radaronline reports:

Halle Berry is working hard to lock her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, into a non-disclosure agreement to prevent the Canadian born model from spilling all about their tumultuous relationship, is exclusively reporting.

But, it’s going to cost her dearly, as a source tells that Gabriel is sick of being portrayed as “an abusive father, a racist and a fool” and is planning to hit Halle where it hurts — in the wallet.

As previously reported, Aubry is being urged by his friends to write a tell-all book about his relationship with Berry. And, although he is wary as he wishes to spare the feelings of the warring couple’s daughter, Nahla, a source close to the situation says he has been approached by publishers offering high six figures.

“Gabe has finally woken up and is going for the money because he knows there is no way he can fight to keep his daughter without it,” the source says. “If he doesn’t get the money he wants from Halle, he is going to go ahead a write a tell-all. Gabe has two separate high six figure offers on the table from NY publishers. Halle is terrified of this happening; it’s her worst nightmare come true — and she’s talking settlement money but locking Gabe into a non disclosure deal. So one way or another he’s going to get paid.

“Gabe has taken a lot of flack without fighting back, but now the gloves are off and he’s going all out.”

We don’t know what this guy has to complain about. Sounds like he is living high on the hog — and about to be living even higher. Who cares if everyone thinks he is a racist who puts hands on nannies and can’t keep a banger like Halle Berry happy?

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