Tale Of The Tape: Rih Rih Vs. Karrueche…Which One Should Breezy Take?!

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Breezy’s got quite a tough choice on his hands.

Rihanna. Karrueche. Karrueche. Rihanna. Breezy’s getting passed around between these two ladies like he’s one of Rih-Rih’s vacation doobies.

But eventually he has to make a decision…right? Right. So who should he pick?

While we don’t know much about Karrueche’s personality, we can take a peek at her looks. So based on looks alone, we’re going to do a detailed rundown on which lady he should pick. Take a look at give your own verdict!

Eyes – Both of these ladies’ sex appeal is in the eyes. It’s close but we gotta go with K as she’s just so darn cute. She’d probably blink your pants off.

Rihanna – 0
Karrueche – 1

Lips – Another close call, but when Karre Bear puckers those things, it’s a wrap. Unfortunately we have no data on how good any of them are at using them so we’ll just go on looks.

Rihanna – 0
Karrueche – 2

Hair – Rihanna’s made some really questionable hair moves. Karrueche just lets it ride out and it works. Rihanna loses for that red bob she had. Sigh.

Rihanna – 0
Karrueche – 3

Boobies – Face it, Karrueche is a skinny girl without a lot of curves. And while Rih Rih may look like she doesn’t have much to offer, she’s got a few naked pictures floating around that should help you figure things out.

Rihanna – 1
Karrueche – 3

Tummy – Karrueche stays in tip top shape. While Rih-Rih’s tummy is definitely nothing to scoff at, Karrueche has slightly more definition. But you can’t go wrong with either.

Rihanna – 1
Karrueche – 4

Cakes – No contest. Rih Rih’s got some of the baddest cakes in the game. Karrueche’s tiny cupcakes don’t compare.

Rihanna – 2
Karrueche – 4

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    Thighs – Again, Rih Rih is the boss here. Not many can compare, so don’t feel bad Karrueche.

    Rihanna – 3
    Karrueche – 4

    Tattoos – Okay, take away Rih Rih’s Thug Life tat and all the other ones are extremely cute. She’s got the behind the ear one, the little gun and those stars. They just add something to her.

    Rihanna – 4
    Karrueche – 4

    Sex Appeal – Come on. If you had to pick one to get your freak on with, you’d have to go with Rihanna. Crazy sex = best sex. Fact.

    Rihanna – 5
    Karrueche – 4

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