Diddy Feels Slighted

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Despite the abundance of smiles, Diddy isn’t happy about not being in the movie, Tropic Thunder:

The rapper admits he auditioned for the role of an African-American actor – famously played by Caucasian star Robert Downey Jr., who used make-up to change the colour of his skin for the role – in Ben Stiller’s movie, but was turned down. He joked: “I have not been in any of Ben Stiller’s movies. I guess I wasn’t black enough to be in Tropic Thunder. Robert Downey Jr. was a little bit blacker. I tried out for the role but I came up short. I put Ben in the video for my single Bad Boy for Life and I thought he would return the favour.” The music mogul was among a host of celebrity guests at a black tie dinner honouring actor-turned-director Ben at New York’s The Museum of the Moving Image on Wednesday night.

It’s hard to believe, but we are on Puff’s side this time around. We find it hard to believe that they could not find a real black man to play that role. We’re calling bullsh*t, but what do you all think about it?


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  • Exxon300

    Nikki U is fine.

  • J

    The point of that role WAS to have a white man playing a black man. Having a black man do it is what doesn’t make sense

  • Exxon300

    U for Underwood.

  • AVW

    The whole role was based on a white guy playing a black character, that was part of the comedy, to have a black actor playing that part wouldn’t have made sense. And for Diddy to compare a music video to a movie is funny.

  • kenya

    diddy, make your own movies then you can be all up and through them, and you can give cassie a job, she’s no singer, but maybe she can act.

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    Ummm having someone have a cameo in your music video and having someone play a major role in your movie are completely different..

  • victoria

    i dont think he would have been funny in that role.

  • Pynk

    Diddy wants everything to be about him. He wouldn’t have made that movie the way Robert Downey Jr. did.

  • Mariposa Negra

    what a BIGhead!


    the whole POINT of the role was a white man acting black .. it wasnt racially offensive it was just downright HILARIOUS .. downey had me bugging up. black people lets not be so sensitive when we will make anyone the receiving end of our jokes or slights.. grow up and i cant blame ben stiller- he wanted his movie to be good and no amount of money makes diddy a good actor or comedian

  • LaLa

    He needs to get over it…it’s bad enough he f’ed up a classic like Raisin in the Sun….I wouldn’t put him in my movie for him to screw it up too with his no acting, cocky self. The whole point of Robert Downey Jr. was to play a white guy who is playing a black guy! Diddy is just ignorant.

  • Ron

    Come on, the thing that made it funny was the fact that the white, foreign actor with blue eyes was playing a black man for the movie. It was hilarious. Give him a break. The role was not for a real black man.

  • LaLa

    There’s also a big difference between putting someone in your 5 minute music video and them putting you in an actual MOVIE that they have to try to make money off of. Once again I must say…DIDDY IS IGNORANT!

  • UnEEkHeR

    I totally agree with Pynk. I saw that movie too and it was completely hilarious. There is no way that Diddy would have been able to play that role: (1) He isn’t white, pretending to be black (2) And he just isn’t funny. No one would have believed it and to tell you the truth I wouldn’t of went to see it.

  • msgoodie goodie

    there are a few food reasons why muffet puffy didnt get the role

    lets see

    #1 he cannot act

    #2 he cannot act

    #3 he cannot act

    did i say he cannot act

    he is not an actor

    leave movies roles for real actors

    I just cant stand those rappers who

    wants a part in a movie when the real actors take a step back.

    i hope puffy never never get an acting role in his


  • Jay Lee

    I don’t care what the point of the role was, I don’t like that crackhead downey and I am boycotting any movie he does. I don’t like his role in that movie at all I think it is complete BS to have him play that role. Let’s rewind time and have more white people dress up in black face and coon some more on the TV. Lookie heer masta I cans dance goods whens you say so.

  • K-mia

    diddy’s acting is kinda weak, im still confused as to how he got on broadway….putting someone in a music video as a favor cannot be compared to putting someone in a movie as a favor…get over it diddy

  • Soul Cry

    1. Diddy can’t act.

    2. The point was that it was a white guy playing black buy.

    3. Diddy can’t act.

  • Cam

    The producers of the film simply wanted an EXCELLENT ACTOR for the role! Now, you tell ME: WHICH is the EXCELLENT actor of the two…ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. or SEAN “Puff Daddy” “P. DiddY” “Diddy” COMBS? Hell, dude CAN’T even “act” like he knows what his NAME is!!!

  • r.ashley

    First of all, Puffy is not an actor, Robert Downey Junior is. Puffy mangled Sidney Portier’s part in the play “Raisen In The Sun”. On the other hand, Downey Jr. killed in the movie “Iron Man”, among his other many credits to the movie industry. I would rather see drugged out Robert Downey on his worst day in a movie than big MOUF, no acting ass Puffy any day. Not hatin’, I’m actually proud of Puffy’s rise to the top. But, HO SIT DOWN!!!! Also, Downey Jr. is not playing a black man, per se, in the movie “Tropic Thunder”. He is playing a WHITE MAN that portrays a BLACK MAN in what he thinks is a movie. This part did not call for a black man, and Puffy is silly not to know this if he was really looking into the part. What is really dumb is that he would think he was owed a favor like a huge funny part in a MOVIE just because he let Ben Stiller sit in on one of his many music video’s. Idiot


    P Diddy get over your self!!! You can not act.

  • ava

    How is he going to compare a 4 min music video to a 2hr movie. Return the favor, did he pay Ben Stiller to be in that wack video?

  • Razzell Dazzell

    It was too obvious to cast a “black” guy. I don’t think he did it to slight Diddy. Diddy needs to watch it, he is sounding a bit like K.W.

  • Nita1006

    Bottom line is DIDDY CAN’T ACT!!

  • Baby girl

    ok so is second and third and fourth…the statement diddy can’t act!..and yes everyone has established the role was for a white guy pretending to be a black guy!!!!…So diddy when did you ever to fit into that criteria?? He is such a big headed arrogant so and so..He always wants it his way or he throws a big hissy fit!…shut up!

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