Whitney Houston’s Will Revealed…Bobbi Kristina Gets EVERYTHING, Bobby Brown Gets Nada

- By Bossip Staff

Bobbi Kristina is about to come up!!!

Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina gets everything: all of Houston’s money, furniture, clothing, personal effects, jewelry, and cars. The money will be placed in a trust until Bobbi Kristina, who is now 19, turns 21. She gets more money when she turns 25 and the rest when she is 30.

Houston’s beloved mom Cissy is the executor; her brother and sister-in-law are the trustees. Houston first drafted the Will in 1993 and amended the will in April 2000 when she was still married to Bobby Brown.

Brown is mentioned in the Will but gets nothing. The will also states if Bobbi Kristina had died before Whitney, her ex, Bobby Brown, her mother Cissy and other relatives would share the assets.

R.I.P. Whitney



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