Random Ridiculousness: Two Dudes Popped For Riding Around To Bars And Strip Clubs With Their Friend’s Dead Corpse And Using His Credit Card On Hoes & Drinks

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These guys were trying to relive Weekend at Bernie’s eh???

Two Colorado men who drove a friend’s corpse around town and used the dead man’s credit cards to buy drinks at bars and strip clubs have been sentenced to two years’ probation in Denver, KUSA-TV reports. Robert Young, 43, and Mark Rubinson, 25, had both entered into plea agreements after being accused of using 43-year-old Jeffrey Jarrett’s credit card and driving him around Aug. 27, 2011, in a real-life Weekend at Bernie’s case. Young pleaded to a felony charge of identity theft and the misdemeanor charge of abuse of a corpse. If Young stays out of trouble for the next two years, his felony charge will be dropped.

Rubinson pleaded guilty to abuse of a corpse but could go back to jail for a year if he violates his probation. The two used Jarrett’s credit card at several bars, including the Shotgun Willie’s strip club, while Jarrett’s body was in the car. Jarrett had cocaine, Xanax, Subutex and trace amounts of alcohol in his system when he died. Subutex is a drug that helps with opioid drug addiction, KUSA reports.

Rubinson says he thought Jarrett was just intoxicated. Young claims he didn’t want to believe Jarrett was dead. “A plea bargain is often the best circumstance to allow closure in moving forward instead of living in the past,” prosecutor Kandace Gerdes said Thursday. “I think it is important for closure for everyone.”

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