A “Lil Positivity”: ESPN’s Jemele Hill Talks Exclusively To Bossip About Being A Black Female Sports Writer, Growing Up In Detroit, And Whether Or Not She Would Date A Pro Athlete

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip: What inspired you to be a write? Did you plan on being a writer? What brought your love of sports and your writing together?

Jemele Hill: Jemele: I knew I wanted to be a sports writer since I was 15 years old, I was a really big tomboy growing up, I played sports on the block and at school.

Bossip: What did you play?

Jemele: When I was on the block we did everything, kickball, baseball, basketball, two square, you name it, and don’t hate on the game of two square, it get real on the game of to square! I was always with the guys, we all were doing back flips on the garages, or some mattresses, those are my origins if you will, so I always played a lot of sports growing up. In high school I played softball, I played fast pitch in high school, I played basketball with my friends, I would read the sports section from my home town which is Detroit, I read the Detroit free press and news, every single day. I would listen to baseball games on the radio. I had a very deep love for sports, but I also loved reading, words, and language. I was terrible at accounting, that would have not been the way to go, when I figured out that I could do both, which was through a high school journalism program, I was hooked. That was pretty much it, I mean, I have only had two jobs in my life that did not have to do with sports writing , one which I was a cashier, and I use to deliver phone books in college, but that was it.

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