Kicked To The Curb: Celebrities That Got Dumped Damn Near As Soon As They Got Together!

- By Bossip Staff
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These couples broke up before we could even say “awwww”.

Quick affairs happen all the time, but these were so quick that they wrapped before the tabloids even had a chance to start rumors. What’s the fun in that?! At least give people a chance to project what your babies look like or dig around for your home videos! Have a little decency, guys.

Rihanna and Drake – Less like a couple and more like she hit it quit it, and left him to hug his body pillow. That girl is poisonnnnnn.

Flavor Flav and Hoopz/Deelishis – After Flav picked his boos at the end of his Flavor of Love show, it was clear they were in it for the money. Neither chick lasted until even the reunion show aired!

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler – Almost as soon as the twitpics came out, she dumped the formerly popular rapper like he was a bad habit. That’s not gangsta, 50.

Drake and Dollicia Bryan – They sent out a press release that they were together, then he dumped her the next day after she tried his colored contact steez.

Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd – It seems like they divorced before the wedding photos even hit magazine covers.

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander – She got drunk and married this guy one night…and divorced him a few hours later before the news even broke.

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    Reggie Bush and Amber Rose – This was on the quick rebound and was over as soon as his condom wrapper hit the trash can.

    Mariah Carey and Eminem – The post-breakup feud was longer than the semi-relationship. Even though Mariah says she never let him get the drawls anyway.

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