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Good news Chubby Lumpkins, McDonald’s has announced that it is going to reshape how it markets its value menu a bit by eliminating some things, adding some things and moving some things around:

First, they’re taking the small coke and fries off the Dollar Menu, which probably didn’t sell as much as the other items, and are replacing them with cookies and ice cream cones. Who needs a small coke when you can wash down your meal with ice cream?

Another key addition will be the national incorporation of the Extra Value Menu on March 26. The Extra Value Menu will consist of its already popular value items, such as its 20-piece chicken McNuggets, snack wraps, double cheeseburgers, medium iced coffees and snack-sized McFlurries.

There will be no price changes to the items in the Extra Value Menu, but will simply be moved from its current positions on the menu and will be clumped together with its other value item partners in crime.

Neil Golden, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s USA told Reuters in an interview, “The choices have been available for quite some time, we’re just making it easier for customers to find them and enjoy them.”

So basically, McDonald’s is taking its lower priced items that were scattered around the menu and reserving a special little sweet spot for them. Nothing new to see here folks.


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