Sexin’ In The Cell Block: Jail Inmate Caught Creeping And Crawling Through Vents After Having A “Sexapade” With A Female Inmate

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These fools were trying to get it poppin by any means necessary:

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal review of operations after a maximum-security inmate crawled into the cell of a female prisoner for a sexual tryst. Sheriff Kevin Joyce said during a press conference Monday that Arien L’Italien, 23, of Biddeford, was spotted early Saturday morning by a corrections officer as L’Italien tried to get back to his cell block after a consensual encounter with inmate Karla Wilson.

L’Italien is being held on federal charges of attempted murder of a federal officer and possession of a firearm by a felon. He was arrested in January following a shootout on Mellen Street with the U.S. Marshals’ Violent Offender Task Force. He was being sought by the task force in connection with a New Year’s Day stabbing in Biddeford.

Wilson, a 25-year-old from Portland, is awaiting trial on four counts of gross sexual assault and two counts of aggravated assault. Joyce said L’Italien was out of his cell for about an hour before he was spotted early Saturday morning. L’Italien made his bed to look as if it was occupied and used some kind of material to prevent the lock of his cell from latching properly, Joyce said.

Wilson also used material to keep her cell lock open, the sheriff said. He said officers later were able to manipulate a cell lock to stay open using paper towels and a credit card.

Joyce said L’Italien and Wilson, who knew each other, somehow arranged their tryst using the jail’s ventilation system. He said that likely involved other prisoners passing messages. The sheriff said he was particularly concerned about the security breach because of the danger L’Italien – or any inmate unexpectedly out of a cell – poses to corrections officers.

“That’s a huge issue. This guy is not a good guy, that’s why he’s in here,” Joyce said. The internal investigation is being conducted to see if any policies were violated and what policies should be changed as a result of the incident. Joyce said it is too soon to say if any corrections officers will be disciplined.

Joyce said L’Italien and Wilson will likely face disciplinary action at the jail, but not criminal charges. L’Itlien is now being held in the super maximum security unit and has no contact with other inmates.



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