Making It Rain In The Ring: Manny Pacquiao Challenges Pretty Boy Floyd To $200 MILLION Fight

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Manny Pacquiao is challenging Floyd Mayweather Jr. to split the giant purse 70 percent to the winner and 30 percent to the loser, if their mega-fight ever takes place. This could possibly be one of the biggest purses in boxing history, even by Las Vegas standards:

According to the latest projections this would be boxing’s first $200million bout so the PacMan is upping the ante considerably.

Mayweather originally offered Pacquiao a flat $40m on condition that he keeps all the pay-TV money.

Pacquiao responded with a guarantee of $55m to Mayweather with them each taking a 50-50 split of the television revenue. No thanks, said Mayweather, who still wants all the extra loot for himself.

Pacquiao’s latest call is a challenge, also, to Mayweather’s insistence that he would win easily. If so 70 percent would net Mr Money in the region of $140m.

This is a hefty purse but Floyd has had a history of dodging Pac Man. Could it be because the real prize at stake is the holy grail of boxing, the title of greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world, which Mayweather brags about being without ever fighting Pacquiao? That and Mayweather’s obsession with keeping his undefeated record all the way to retirement?

Mayweather calls himself Money. But will he back himself to live up to the nickname?


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